Shower Faucets Impress women!?

There's no doubt about it just ask any woman. Women are impressed with a well decorated bathroom, probably more than any other aspect of the house. A nice, simple, clean theme win's just about anyone over not just women. Think right now, there is at least one time in your life where you've walked into someone's house, then their washroom, and then been impressed by it. Chances are it's the most memorable part of the whole place. You don't have to spend a ton of money on these kind of modern and classy looking shower faucet set ups anymore! The prices have come down a lot thanks to the not-so-long-ago housing market boom and subsequent bust. Best of all you can get very unisex designed bath and shower faucets. You can even find particularly masculine designs for your bachelor pad or en-suite if you wanted.

Modern, contemporary, or Designer Faucets & decor. No matter which one you chose you can't lose. Even a cheaper set up installed properly with matching decor will not fail to impress anyone.. even yourself... and especially if you installed it!! :)

While shower faucets may not be the easiest thing in the world change out, there are far worse things in your house. Another bonus is you do this job standing up... not lying under a dripping gungy pipe coming from your sink. Quite often you will not need to call a plumber, and you also have the opportunity to install a new tub or shower lining while working in the space. All these things combine to drastically change the appearance of any bathroom.

The bottom line is we all spend at least 30 minutes of our day in this one room and that's pretty much unavoidable. Some people spend HOURS in the bathroom or even just the shower. Why wouldn't you want it to be the best experience of your day? Someone with a nice bathroom gets this, they care, and I think in the end that is what really impresses people.

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