Bath Shower Faucet Overview

Bath and shower faucets come in a spectacular array of chrome, polished metal, brushed metal, and painted finishes. Like any other home renovation or new bathroom remodeling, a wide variety of styles and prices await the unsuspecting customer! Individual taste is a key factor in choosing which bath shower faucet will go best in your house. Brands like Moen, PVD and Gerber all have their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Gerber faucets are known to have a very high resistance to the corrosive effects of hard water. Circumstances like that not with standing, Durability and presentation are the two most important factors when deciding which brand to purchase.

Major renovation and home building centers have trained staff that will often help you find the appropriate item for your needs. They aren't on commission so if the staffer helping you seems knowledgeable you're best to follow his advice. Beyond that the Internet is a fantastic resource for narrowing down your choices. Also you may discover brands that you never knew existed because your local shower faucet suppliers don't stock them.

Bath and Shower Faucet Installations

Installation can be difficult despite the simple appearances of most faucets. Don't get discouraged though because a DIY faucet job is not impossible at all! Try and seek advice from someone that has done it at least once before and take your time. It's pretty hard to break anything important or un-replaceable so you shouldn't have to call a plumber if you make a mistake. If there are leaks, you rushed it or didn't pay close enough attention... give it another try with your newly formed experience on the matter! I'll see if I can stir up a general guide for this in another post as well some common cures for leaking and noise bath shower faucets.

ADA Compliant Bath and Shower Faucets

This doesn't apply to the average home owner as such, however if you own a place of business or public gathering place you will want your faucets to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) certified. For more info Please go to the website. All new public businesses must be up to code. Don't fret too much though! Most major faucet companies offer a wide variety of ADA compliant bath shower faucets,. Also your contractor in charge of installing all the amenities will likely be on the ball with this kind of stuff and have you covered.

Some Bath and Shower Faucet Resources

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